Quinn's story: Weight loss journey

After struggling with her weight her entire life, Quinn made the decision to undergo weight loss surgery at the recommendation of her primary care provider. Years of dieting attempts had been unsuccessful and, at nearly 290lbs, she knew weight loss surgery "was what she needed to do to save her life."

Determined to succeed, Quinn reached out to the team at Brigham Health and was partnered with Dr. Eric Sheu, a bariatric surgeon with the Brigham's Center for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Dr. Sheu helped her evaluate her surgical options and introduced her to the team of dietitians, psychologists, and physicians assistants that would be collaborating with them as they worked toward helping her achieve her weight loss goals.

A year and a half after her surgery, Quinn completed her first 5K run—an achievement she previously never thought possible. For Quinn, weight loss surgery wasn't just about losing weight, but about being able to experience key life events that she wouldn't have otherwise been able to experience. So far, Quinn has lost about 130 pounds, but has gained more than she ever could have imagined: happiness, confidence, and health.

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